WHEN : 20 Sep at 20:00 – 22 Sep at 20:00 PDT

Hosted by Red Marines Psytrance and Techno Music Festival

Greetings and Welcome to the 12th installment of the
Red Marines Music Festival!


** ticket pre-sale starts Friday, November 23rd. (limited to 100 tickets)

As usually, please beware of:
😂”Temporomandibular Joint Disorder” – a.k.a locking your jaw from laughing and smiling too hard

😍🙈 “Visual Bliss Syndrome” – from experiencing extraordinary visual and awakening orgasms

🙏💖”Sonorous Air” – music, described by an Italian composer Ferruccio Busoni, as an extraordinary vibration unseen by the human eye that can facilitate a deeply rich emotional experience, alter perception and consciousness, and induce ecstatic states of being, creating a profound psychological experience.

Line up and Artists details TBA soon.

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Red Marines Festival represents a unique approach to events, showcasing a multi-genre stage setting, appealing to a diverse audience and uniting them under the same sky. Creating an environment where friends and family gather to celebrate and enjoy a weekend getaway. The festival itself has deep roots in the Russian community of the Bay Area, #becauseofrussians and as such had an international flair right from the start. The festival is treating the participants senses, with intelligent alternative music, performed by artists from all over the world, played on state of the art sound systems, gorgeous decor, and a beautiful location. It is a festival that enlightens, inspires, encourages art, involves local communities, and celebrates life. Musically the main focus is ranging from Psychedelic Trance, to Techno, Ambient, and Live Bands. Carefully selected to create that unique blend of joy and happiness, that Red Marines is famous for. And as special addition this year, we are pleased to join forces with Ratatouille Project, bringing with them their unique day-time party fun. And we are sure, if you attended our events in the past, you know whatever we have planned, it will be good. If you haven’t had the fortune yet, now is the time!

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