The Trickbox venture produces whole electronic sets on the scene utilising digital and raw materials going into a live looper, adjusting the set naturally to every condition. No computer is present and whatever is played directly moves into the looper precisely how it was played at present. The instruments incorporate 2 synths, an mpc live drum machine, beatbox, melodica, vocal impacts and bags loaded with shameless tricks, including the capacity to test FM radio and the audience, and after that live re-arrangement and conversion of the input to another tune.

Trickbox also frequently collaborates with guest performers like Reuben Stone & Selki, completely spontaneous. The event is an execution and an association with the nature it encompasses. Any music, speed & technique is resolved and it’s chosen at a specific time. Each set is one of a kind and is created only for the moment, not to be listened to precisely ever again. This guideline depends on the buddhist art of mandalas, where,

” … any holding onto the creation takes away from it’s artistic purity, and that the focus is in the now. “

live at Bar Oussou

Busting riffs and pulling faces at Bar Oussou on Friday night. Next up, Earth Frequency Festival <3

Posted by Trickbox on Saturday, February 9, 2019

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