Tetrameth – "Suburban Sorcerer"

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Posted by TETRAMETH on Monday, July 23, 2018

“Tetrameth” is the product of performer/producer, Peter Hayes. An experienced artist who’s featured probably some of the greatest electronic music celebrations in the world. Having huge and widely praised releases “The Eclectic Benevolence”, “Psychological Pyrotechnics” on Zenon Records. Tetrameth is one of those who spearheaded the Zenonesque music, and next to it he helped establish Australian-based dynamic label, Weapon Records (weaponrecords.com) releasing a 3 track EP “The Relentless Internal Concerto” (Book 1). 

Released July 7, 2014 

Educated by a propelled musicality, Peter is an alum from the Conservatorium of Music and a seasoned multi-instrumentalist. Inspired by a wide exhibit of musical origin, Tetrameth’s exceptional style is exploratory, dynamic, and saturated with the paisley psychedelic domains of the Rock’n Roll acid scene, conveying a recurrence that is proposed to expand the mind and refuel the spirit. Genuinely unhindered by constraint or the traditions of style, simply, Tetrameth is its very own monster.

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