Liquid Bloom (Desert Trax, USA)


The sound of Liquid Bloom is similarly at home on the worldwide festival dance circuit, in the yoga and delighted crazy studio, and in the more quiet sonic spaces held for particular functions. As one portion of Desert Dwellers and author of Liquid Bloom, AMANI FRIEND brings his dance floor direction and experience to saddle a profound, transportive adventure, giving as much load to the quiet and the tranquil with regard to the elated groove. Teaming with Amani on stage and in the studio is one-man looping symphony Poranguí, whose own world ventures has made his musical experience as versatile as the instruments he sets before him. 

The Liquid Bloom undesrtanding unfurls in a huge number of manifestations. AMANI can make profound, spellbinding adventures amid his own DJ sets. As a pair, Amani and Poranguí can adjust and blend the natural and the electronic inside their plays. With extra multi-instrumentalists, vocalists, artists and entertainers like Deya Dova, Kaminanda, Ixchel Prisma, and Shamans Dream, the Liquid Bloom live band shoots to life, guiding the catalog into the scene via a wholly unique focal point, and overflowing with a liveliness and profundity of aesthetic blend.

Liquid Bloom – Emerging Heart (Nanosphere Remix)

NEW Album OUT NOW >>> <<<Music Video for Liquid Bloom "Emerging Heart (Nanosphere Remix)" created by Matt Worldly. From the album "ReGen Lucid Remixes" released on Desert Trax November 30th"Within us dwells a shadow being, dance with your darkness and a light will emerge from your unified heart." :: www.liquidbloom.comMore Info about the album: For AMANI and his Liquid Bloom project, the Re:Generations mixes are a gift that keeps on giving. First remixed by AtYyA, who took on the entire album by himself, now an all-star cast of subsonic wizards from around the globe are putting their own spin on these intoxicating tunes.Stars of the psychedelic world like Hedflux and Land Switcher pump thrilling bass into “Roots of the Earth” and “Fire Gathering,” respectively. Kaminanda takes “Sacred Blessing” on a more than 11-minute epic journey. Numatik Music ignites new life into "Fire Gathering." Louis Suduaya, Momentology, Salis, and Nanosphere run the gamut from rich, organic strings and ethereal voices to dark, brooding, and bellowing sub bass covering the spectrum from delicate, ambience to pounding grooves. Tribone once again remixes Deya Dova for a Desert Trax release, and Erothyme closes out the collection with a sprawling anthem of lush sounds.

Posted by Liquid Bloom on Sunday, November 26, 2017

We are coming for you Australia!Alongside CloZee, Desert Dwellers, and an impressively stacked lineup, catch Liquid…

Posted by Liquid Bloom on Thursday, January 24, 2019
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