DJ, Producer, loop layer, beat creator, & entertainer, Blair Wright (aka B-Syde) is a multi-instrumentalist that uses live production to control and loop sound from a variety of instruments, series tight drum breaks and show thick bass lines. B-Sydes’ live executions are a charming tornado of musical classes as he flawlessly overlaps roots-y guitar licks with snazzy piano rolls, making a lavish sound scape for those huge bass lines and out of control drum grooves.

A regular customer on festivals in Australia and overseas, B-Syde has already performed at several prestigious events such as Earth Frequency, Rainbow Serpent, Regrowth, Subsonic, Manifest, Dragon Dreaming, Rabbits Eat Lettuce, The Town, Bohemian Beatfreaks, Jungle Love, Golden Bass (NZ), Twisted Frequency (NZ), Astral Harvest (CAN) and some more. 

Swinging into B-Sydes’ set is to catch a rare jewel as he has a knack for interfacing live music lovers and bassheads through dance music. Best played around nightfall, B-Sydes sound conquers any void between the heartfelt daylight and legendary nighttimes. With current releases receiving airtime slots on Triple J’s Roots N All and local network radio all over Australia, he is set to commence on his greatest tours in 2019. Setting off to celebrations and venues from country to country, B-Syde is resolved to change your view of what a solo artist can accomplish.

WFF – B-Syde – Live (live looping ableton live)

As a child that grew up attending Woodford Folk Festival in Queensland, it's always held a special place in my heart. With 19 Woodford's under my belt i'd say i'm a seasoned veteran and still love this festival as much as i did day one. I wrote this song several years ago now and have played it across the globe on my travels and it's still a crowd favourite in my set list. Looking forward to kicking off 2017 at Regrowth Music Festival 2017 next weekend then Rainbow Serpent Festival 2017 😀 :DI hope you enjoy… if you do feel free share it around.

Posted by B-Syde on Saturday, January 14, 2017
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