Wonqi Rose is an authority of sounds from each side of the planet, regardless if it’s burrowing deep to reveal insight into the newest songs or taking a journey from the mediocre to the outlandish. In case you’re heading straightforward, you’re taking a gander at the wrong individual.

Greatly affected by hip hop, city style and that distraught concealed gangsta taste, Wonqi (also known as Henna Love) secured this and blended it with a hint of profound and mystery yet held everything together with the most wonderful and trancelike music. The foundation of the Wonqi Rose encounter depended primarily on the bass. Consistently diving through erratic styles & sorts, her varied taste may have you submerged in a wide range of classy sounds that showcase her real image of bass to add substance to stillness in the most creative and seductive form. 

:: Here are my upcoming shows for the next couple of months… I’m incredibly excited to be playing in NZ for the first…

Posted by Wonqi Rose on Wednesday, December 26, 2018

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