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Why Go to a Rave or an EDM Festival?

While there are many opinions from friends and people you know that can make you want to go to a rave, EDM...

History of Rave: North America

America was not a hot place for raves and techno until the late 80s, before that there was a time of punk.

The Prodigy, One of a Kind

If you play a guessing game and say, 1990s, rave scene, band, it is most likely that The Prodigy will be at...

Kids n’ Rave Fun

At first it sounds weird, since raves include alcohol, drugs and an environment that could be aggressive for a child or even...

History of Rave: Australia

Music always finds a way to evolve in way that becomes unpredictable and in the end brings different types of people from...

Drugs and Electronic Music

The use of drugs has had a close relationship with music for some time. Now for both creative purposes and as way...
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