The Town [May] (Victoria, Australia)


3 May 2019 at 08:00 – 6 May 2019 at 14:00 UTC+10

An immersive, 3-day festival of interaction, games, music over multiple stages, comedy, dress-ups and theater! Taking place in a mock village that parodies society, while exploring how to party and live sustainably.

Musical Lineup

Town Activities

  • 50’s Prom
  • Town Barn Dance + B&S Ball
  • Immersive Scavenger hunts + interactive games
  • Town Parade
  • Roller Disco
  • Art Cars
  • Live comedy, circus + theater shows
  • Giant rope swing + ropes courses
  • Circus, Sustainability + alternative workshops

Town Facilities

  • The Experiential Cafe (order unique experiences)
  • Absurditory Science Labs
  • The Dispensary (natural remedies)
  • ‘It’s just a ride’ free bike public transport
  • Official Town Court (See you in court)
  • ‘Avant Guache’ interactive art gallery
  • Grandma Ursula’s Op Shop
  • Centrelink Job Services
  • Veggie Gardens and fresh Vegan food.
  • University (sustainable workshops)
  • Karma Hotel late night entertainment
  • Rainbow Chapel (weddings and rituals)
  • Yarra Trance Train Service
  • Inconvenience Store

The Town also provides indoor heated chill spaces, fires, hot showers and indoor toilets.


The Town is a creative and colorful mock village to explore, co-create and interact with. It is full of spaces that parody our city lives, while also providing and exploring better alternatives for them.

At different times of the festival people dress sup and get silly role-playing different characters and happenings of their own choosing. There is no pressure and it isn’t about acting, but about letting go of taking ourselves seriously and embracing the absurdness of life.

On the more serious side, the festival also explores how to live more sustainable lives. This melding of fun and community care is at the core ethos of the town.

This year’s Theme will be Transport. The Town will be boasting a new train transport system, quirky bikes, modified grandma scooters and more., It will also explore Sustainable Transport and the pace and awareness at which we move through life with. Please carpool to the event and feel free to explore the theme in your own way.


The Town is a family friendly event. It prides itself on self-care, land care, and community care, with a huge focus on connection instead of consumption.

Each year we further explore how to be more sustainable, and encourage all to party in a way that is healthy and could literally keep being done forever. This is one of the most important things to keep our beautiful Town striving.

By the end of the year, Licola is planning to be running on 90 percent Sustainable energy!

This year we will be introducing a ‘Safe Travel’s program to create an even safer and more educated community.


In a beautiful valley on the Macalister, river lives a little town called Licola. It is owned by the Lions club and the Villages main goal is to run disability and disadvantaged youth camps all year round. The running of our festival helps support them do this great work.

At this time of year, the deciduous trees are falling beautiful colors all over the site, the rainfall is low, and the grass is green. The site is one of the few Festivals that can boast lush green grass and no dust.

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