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This will be the third edition of the Babylon festival which takes place in Australia. Most of all Babylon t’s highly anticipated since the success of the last one.

Back in 2018, Babylon hosted a great line-up including:

The Italian trio, Agents of Time, Laurent Garnier, Matrixxman, Carl Cox and many others.

It was certainly a colorful and mesmerizing experience from Friday to Sunday, because of its exotic nature.

Hardware’s General Manager Damien Kease said some things about the 2018 festival.

The idea was that we were trying to combine two worlds. We wanted to keep the spirit and heart of what a doof is and merge it with the professionalism you would expect from an established event. It was crucial that we made these two worlds collide within the parameters of a safe, reliable event that people could go to that wasn’t pure DIY/illegal. 

Hardware Booking Agent Kyle Hand said:

‘We’re not saying that we’re professional and nobody else is, says Kyle. ‘But we want to do our part in redefining the perception of what an outdoor event of this scale can be. There’s one thing for certain, it does take a lot of organisation. You certainly couldn’t do one more than once a year!’

What can we expect from this third act from Babylon?

Babylon 2019

The festival will take place in Carapooee West from Thursday 14th to Sunday 17th.

The festival will be outdoors as it is one of the biggest traits from the experience. It brings nature like vibes and a mixture of various elements. It makes it feel like a brand new original experience every year.

Last year Damien Kease said:

“I don’t think we are trying to build a brand with inherent polarisations. You look at festivals like Rainbow Serpent and look around on the dancefloor and see they have made a space that welcomes chin strokers, industry people and regular punters. Crucially, they haven’t built their world around a lineup, it’s based on the reputation of the event. That’s a very unique thing. They can attract people that wouldn’t normally go to an event like that based on the experience. As a model, that’s the kind of ethos we are working with. What we are creating is projected to be a bucket list moment for everyone. We don’t want to be everything to everyone, but as festival grows, are really excited to become more experimental. Everyone can take what they want from it. Everyone can treasure their little piece of it.”

Interestingly enough, Babylon is being held on the traditional country of the Dja Dja Wurrung people. The idea is that the festival wants to acknowledge them as custodians of the land. They also wish to pay their respects to their elders; past and present, and the Elders from other communities who may be present at the moment.

Babylon will begin with a Welcome to Country and smoking ceremony.

To further acknowledge and pay respects to the Aboriginal custodians and their culture.

Finally, the most important part, artists that will be performing at Babylon

The Lineup

Among the artists are, Nina Kraviz, Dax J, Amelie Lens, Bjarki, Barac, Guy J, Stimming, Butch, Farrago, Damian Lazarus, Roman Poncet, Sam Paganini, Behrouz, Cristi Cons, Eagles & Butterflies, Hatzler, Luigi Madonna, Woo York, Solardo and more will also be going out to Carapooee West in the Northern Garmpians, which is a few hours north-west of Melbourne. 

Be prepared and take a deep dive into one of the most colorful and original experiences in the doof scene. Get on the Banana Bus which offers the only suburban based pick-up and drop-off festival transport service. You can use the Banana Bus app to select your location; choose Babylon Festival and done, you’ll be taken to the Base Camp.

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