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Why Go to a Rave or an EDM Festival?

While there are many opinions from friends and people you know that can make you want to go to a rave, EDM...

How to Prepare for an EDM Festival

It may seem like a small issue; but preparing for an EDM festival is more important than most of us would think....

History of Rave: North America

America was not a hot place for raves and techno until the late 80s, before that there was a time of punk.

Psyfari Festival Has Been Cancelled

Psyfari, one of the biggest outdoors festivals has been cancelled. This happened due to the recent views and regulations from the NSW...

Caribbean Festivals 2019

Electronic music festivals, raves and doofs have been taking the world by storm all around the world, with no exceptions, and that...

Doof Scene: Babylon Festival

This will be the third edition of the Babylon festival which takes place in Australia. Most of all Babylon t's highly anticipated...
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