DJ Three (Hallucienda, USA)


Christopher Milo’s (DJ Three) adventure through electronic dance music is a remarkable one. He follows the underlying foundations of his DJ craft to the mid ’90s in Florida, a state not particularly noted universally for its warehouse rave scene. Mixed with drive, melodic interest and, as he lets it know, outstandingly great travel associations, he supported to  plant the concept of the culture in the state. Many acknowledge him for tossing the primary raves in the Southeast. However, as a producer, DJ and label proprietor, the man best referred to most as Three became famous well past Florida— he’s that uncommon dance music figure who genuinely satisfies the term DJ, and the records he’s supported by method for Hallucination and particularly its spinoff Hallucination Limited are admired by the likes of Ricardo Villalobos and Cassy. More than a decade since his first time behind the decks, he’s still unimaginably energetic about EDM culture.

Reverberating his wide tastes as a DJ, his uncommon production output as Second-Hand Satellites, Three A.M., Montage Men has caught attention of peculiar listeners from profound house to techno, and everything in between. Some of his collaborations were with David Christophere (Rabbit in the Moon) as Three A.M, Michael Donaldson (Q-Burns Abstract Message) as Montage Men, Sean Cusick (Q6) as Second Hand Satellites, Derek Plaslaiko (Spectral) as “Three-D”, and with Abdulelah aka “ABDUL” to name a few.

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