Dov1 (Muti Music, USA)

Genre : Breaks / Dubstep / Glitch / Drum & Bass / Drumstep / Downtempo / Experimental


A productive DJ, entertainer, label owner and a music/talent coordinator for some labels and club nights, Dov1 (Dov Bruyns) is one of the pioneers of bass sound in the San Francisco Bay Area. More commonly known as Creator and Proprietor of Muti Music as he helps characterising the sounds in the US west coast, he additionally co-owns and deals with the brands Producer Dojo, Medicine and has managed Earthdance, Cyberset, Fuel Records and Eye Phunk.

As a producer his sounds are established in substantial bass and a mixing digital and natural textures. Recently featured and analysed by Mixmag, iDJ, CNET, Knowledge, URB and a great scope of excellent publications, his work at the root stage of the Bay Area music scene makes his impact felt from the bottom going up. As a DJ, he’s popular for bringing the familiar and well-known into the path that may astound a few and satisfy others. Continuously on the zone of developing styles and new beats, Dov1 always conveys an exceptional experience. He additionally creates collective music with A ten-nae (aka DnA), ill.Gates, Funk Monsta, and Hooves.

Dov1 on Lunasa Stage – Luminate Festival 2019

A few brief segments from my set on the Lunasa Stage at @luminatefestival last night, it was my third of three completely different 90 minute sets in four nights. Now two days to just enjoy the festival. #loveaotearoa #luminatefestival #luminatefestival2019 #dov1 #dnabass #musicismedicine #basshead #newzealandmusicfestival

Posted by Dov1 on Sunday, February 3, 2019

And so it begins again, bound for Australia & New Zealand #travel

Posted by Dov1 on Sunday, January 27, 2019
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