19 Aug at 09:00 – 26 Aug at 18:00 UTC+01

Our Mission

Our goal is to bring feelings and sounds from the recent past back to life in a very friendly atmosphere through a cosy “boutique” outdoor Gathering. An event where energy and communication flow in a retro-futuristic way. In an idyllic location, under the shade of trees, in the middle of Nature surrounded by a refreshing lake, built with love by dancers for dancers. All the musicians on stage are or were active members of the global trance scene, with careers that started back in the 90’s. We believe that the most important ingredient in a party are the participants, everyone is a part of it, everyone makes the Gathering! 

As long as we have such a collective energy, living and experience, with each edition our Gathering will be more magical and unique than the last.

Our Story

These meetings are a consequence of the reconnection of many of the old school party people through social media.

An online group was created in 2010 and it became clear that there were more than just a few old Zambu souls out there craving for a proper old school gathering. Six parties have already taken place under the ZNA motto, and their energy and vibration are still echoing in our hearts and souls. Along this journey we were guided by our hearts and supported by all our Zambu friends, both on stage and on the dancefloor.

We have had the privilege of hosting many of the best artists in the scene, all of them people we appreciate in an artistic and personal way. For us, it’s about enhancing the energy and vibration of all the participants. The result is a universal meeting point for old school trance lovers that takes place in the ZNA Gathering every 2 years. The dancers are the energy; the dancers are the key.

Our crew is a small group of trance heads who have been living and working in this scene for the last 25 years all around the world. We have been at the birth of many parties and festivals across time. It’s in our genes by now, in our ZNA.

Our Location

Deep inside the Portuguese Natural Reserve we found a place with plenty of natural shade, a refreshing lake and a magical vibe.

Comfort, beauty and good energies.

This is our home!

Getting There


The charter bus service will provide a safer, more comfortable and sustainable ZNA experience, providing transport from Lisbon Airport directly to the festival and back.

Check out ZNA ticket’s prices and info in Tickets Iinformation.


GPS Reference look for Galveias Portugal


GPS Reference look for Galveias Portugal

Useful Information


There will be tree different health care areas: 
1 – Emergency Green Clinic & Happy Herbal Pharmacy 
2 – Permanent emergency ambulance and on-site paramedics 
3 – Kosmicare


We have free drinking water available on the site.

Our water system is fed by an underground source which is located 120 meters under the ground. The water is then pumped out to feed the 15 drink fountains which are spread throughout the venue. This water has been tested in an official laboratory. The test results say it is a pure mineral delight and completely suitable for drinking.


The weather will most likely be hot and sunny so it’s very important that you bring your sun screen and never forget to drink plenty of water.


A – ZNA Gathering Ticket and ID card / Passport (in case you purchased your ticket through our pre-sale system). 
B – Camping gear such as tent, sleeping bag, pillow, mattress, etc. 
C – Flashlight 
D – Sun screen 
E – Biodegradable soap and shampoo 
F – Garbage bags 
G – Payment methods: 
All payments in the Gathering will be done in cash (euros). 
There will be no credit card terminal or ATM’s available on site.


A – Bicycles 
B – Inflatable Toys 
C – Water pistols 
D – Clean conscience 
E – Good vibes


A – Pets 
B – Sound systems 
C – Fire ignition such as cooking devices 
D – National flags 
E – Ego 
F – Prejudice



For the free camping we have chosen the area of ZNA Land with the most shade, to provide maximum comfort.

You are welcome to bring your tent and use this area to build your nest.

Never forget it is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN TO USE FIRE in any form, anywhere on the ZNA Land.

Empower your green consciousness by using the multiple garbage bins around the land.

This area will have toilets and showers. Make sure you only bring biodegradable cosmetics (shampoo, soap, etc).

Please read ZNA’s camping policy.


This camp is very well located, in a natural spot within the festival and surrounded by ancient trees with beautiful views of the lake. A special quiet place to relax and chill for couples, families, friends and all those who wish to have a relaxed and unique experience at ZNA Gathering.

The Zambu Tipi Camp offers you a private camping area, featuring beautiful canvas bell tents, in the heart of the festival and close to the riverside. There you will be able to sleep close to the action in comfort, privacy and peace, whilst having exclusive access to additional services and extras.

All of these structures come equipped with air mattresses, bed sheets, pillows, sleeping bags, organic soap, a simple locker and a camping light. Just bring your personal belongings, your spirit of adventure and your love for nature.

Our Zambu Tipi Camp will be located in a calm, shaded and reserved area, close to toilets and showers, so that you and your friends and family can get a proper rest in-between party times. In addition, there will be a 24 hours reception and maintenance service as well.

Reservations and prices at Tickets Information

Policies & Conditions


Fire is ABSOLUTELY forbidden in any form!

Fire risk is EXTREMELY HIGH on the ZNA Gathering land, so please don’t put yourself or others at risk and protect Mother Nature.


Due to the issues we had on the last editions we’ve decided to forbid pet owners to bring their pets under their supervision and responsibility. Unfortunately experience tell us that some owners don’t respect the safety and public health rules, and for that reason we can’t allow pets anymore.

Besides that if you love your pet you should know that festivals are not a place for them. Specially in this region of Portugal where temperatures can rise upwards of 40º C. This can cause extreme dehydration to your pet.

Bringing your pet to the ZNA Gathering can be a painful experience for your animal, and can also cause risks to public health.

The only dog-friendly zone will be outside the festival perimeter.

Whether you meant to do it or not – it is NOT COOL to abandon your dog. At previous editions there have been many cases of abandoned dogs, leading to incidents like people being attacked by pets left alone and in stress. It’s not clever to bring your dog to ZNA.


If you decide to bring them regardless, you must be aware that if you get caught you will be escorted out of the festival.


Always use the lake in a responsible way.

Make sure you’re in the right mental and physical condition to enter the water.

Do not swim down too deep or too far away from the shore.

Avoid swimming alone.

Always keep a constant eye on children as they play near or in the water.

Never use the lake as your toilet.

Do not pollute the water with soap or detergents of any kind.

Respect others and nature!!


We were given the pleasure of celebrating the roots of our scene in this idyllic piece of land. With such an honour comes great responsibility. Therefore we ask you to never forget to strengthen your precautions towards the environment that is allowing us to have such a deep experience.

It’s strictly forbidden to: 

A – Use any kind of fire. 
B – To make your basic necessities in nature – please make sure you always use the several toilets distributed along the ZNA Land. 
C – To cut or destroy any kind of living tree or plant. 
D – Kill or arouse on purpose any kind of lifeform.


It’s important that you acknowledge that no bottles, cans, glass, containers, nor alcohol are allowed.

Only food, chairs (except for folding chairs), tables, or picnic equipment can be brought onto the campsite – please help us minimize the impact in nature by not bringing too much camping gear and then leaving it behind. Glass bottles increase the risk of fire and are harmful for the nature if left behind, so they are not allowed. Any of these items that are found will be confiscated.

Water and non-alcoholic drinks in plastic bottles with unbroken seals up to 500ml are permitted in the festival area


The showers are supplied with the same mineral water you can find on any tap at the Gathering. Once you use that water for bathing, it is collected in tanks.

The water is then pumped and transported to a water treatment facility, many kilometres away. This is a strenuous and costly task, but one we take on seriously and with great resolve.

We care for your comfort, and Mother Nature’s preservation, so we kindly ask you to use the shower water wisely, and make sure you use only biodegradable shampoos, soaps, etc.

Please save shower water!

Be responsible!

If you get caught doing any type of act that can be consider as a lack of respect towards nature or the community’s freedom or rights, don’t take it personally when we invite you to leave the festival perimeter.

Any person who fails to comply with instructions from a steward or other person acting for the Promoter or behave against the peaceful atmosphere we all want at ZNA Gathering may be removed from the Site.


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