Genesis [Apr] (Victoria, Australia)



Celebrating the Spirit of DOOFism

The Gateway to TRANCE-N-DANCE

IN The Beginning was the WORD and the WORD was DOOF! And it Was Good. From the First DOOF, many DOOFs did follow, and a great Rhythm was born. Weaving its way through the void of creation like a great Pulsing Serpent, many new beings emerged. Frequency and Light, Water and Rainbow Starbright, Earth and Form and Blood and Bone. And it Was ALL Good! As the Rhythm Flowed it Rose and Dropped. A seed emerged and then gave birth to a sacred garden. Some called it Eden from long ago, a Land of Fire, Wind, Rivers and Stone. With Birds and Trees, and Lakes and Springs, a space was made for the DOOF to be. Reborn from sound into flesh and form these Children rose with hearts of gold for the Love of DOOF that was in their soul. They came, they DOOFed, they DANCED, they Played, and with their Art they made the Day.


1 hour Outside Melbourne. Secret Forest Lake Location.

Celebrating the Spirit of DOOFism! You are Invited to share, connect and enjoy a beautiful little piece of paradise situated only 1 hour from Melbourne on 250acres of Private Land, hidden within the Wombat State Forest. A Secret Wildlife Sanctuary with Spring Water on Tap, Community Kitchen, a Huge Lake for Swimming, Stage, DanceFloor and DOOF.

This Boutique Event Space is being prepared specifically for private small events with a max capacity of 500. Retreats, Workshops, Weddings, Retreats, Medicine Ceremony Work and General Camping. All funds raised are going to further develop the site and location for the DOOF community.

Fore more information on this festival, click here.

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