20 Jun 2019 at 13:00 – 23 Jun 2019 at 17:00 UTC+02

Around summer solstice 2019 we gather in the magic surroundings of the Engadine Valley in the Swiss Alps to create culture, art, music and community.

The art theme for 2019 is “Shangri-La” which is often used in a similar context to “Garden of Eden,” to represent a paradise hidden from modern man. It is sometimes used as an analogy for a lifelong quest or something elusive that is much sought. It also might be used to represent perfection that is sought by man in the form of love, happiness, or Utopian ideals.

The Engadine Valley formed after the last ice age and is one of the highest inhabited valleys in Europe. Our location is inside this lush green valley surrounded by high peaks of the Swiss Alps.


Our idea is the realization of a “Zero-Garbage-Festival”. We and OૐV Productions believe, that the psychedelic state of mind can only unfold if given the right circumstances. If you wanna join the crew and help to keep the nature clean, please feel free to contact: https://www.facebook.com/OaumvProductions

To all Volunteers, Artists, Foodstands, Jugglers, Firetwirlers, Media Writers and other Wizards: please send us your request to info@burning-mountain.ch.

More Infos soon!

Love & Light, your BMF Crew

Artists LINEUP

  • Alpha Portal
    (Ace Ventura & Astrix)
  • Animato
  • Astrix
  • Avalon
  • Bizzare Contact
  • Blastoyz
  • Bubble
  • Captain Hook
  • Coming Soon!!!
  • Day.Din
  • Earthling
  • Egorythmia
  • G.M.S
  • Liquid Soul
  • Morten Granau
  • Phanatic
  • Reality Test
  • Rinkadink
  • Ritmo
  • Silent Sphere
  • Soundaholix (Earthling & G.M.S)
  • Vini Vici
  • Wegha
  • White Noise

More artists follow soon 🙏🏼😍💖

Travel Information

By car​

Zernez can be reached easily by car.

  • From Zurich, the ride takes around 2 hours. 
  • On the highway from Zurich to Chur, take the exit in direction Davos/Vereina.
  • Once in Vereina, you can take the car train through the mountains (CHF 25 each way) or go over the pass via Davos (not recommended for heavy busses and old cars, it will destroy your brakes)
  • Once in Zernez, you can park the car directly at the festival venue.

Watch out for signs to the festival area.

Drive savely and sober! Road checks before and after the festival are possible.

By Bus​

GoaExpress Bus Shuttle 

Departures on Wednesday, June 19th

  • HAMBURG at 17:00 PM
  • BREMEN at 19:00 PM
  • OSNABRÜCK at 20:30 PM
  • MÜNSTER at 21:30 PM
  • DORTMUND at 22:45 PM
  • COLOGNE at 23:55 PM

Return on Sunday, June 23rd at 19:00 from the festival

► More boardings and exits along the A1 possible.
► There are also One Way Tickets available.

Info & Booking:

By Train​

Swiss railway is great and offers the most relaxed travel to the festival. 
There are almost direct trains directly to Zernez with 1 stop to change trains in Landquart. A return ticket by train is roughly 120.- CHF. 

You can book the traintickets and check schedules online at www.sbb.ch.

By Plane

The closest airport is Zurich. There are many international flights to Zurich. From the airport, you can either rent a car or take the train directly to Zernez. Buy your tickets directly at the airport.


Campervans, Caravan & Motorhomes are parked outside the festival area at the camper parking space. Parking area costs 35.- CHF per vehicle. It’s a short walk to the festival grounds. 

Access to the camper parking opens on Thursday, 20th June 2018 at 1 pm, until Monday noon. The parking tickets are only available in the presale.

There is no Power or water connection at the camper parking.

Car Parking

We recommend the use public transport to the festival. However, you may come by private cars. Cars have to be parked at the car parking area (outside the festival). 

It’s a short walk to the festival grounds. Access to the car parking opens on Thursday, 20th June 2019 at 1 pm, until Monday noon.

Tickets for the car parking area costs CHF 20.- per Car. The parking tickets are only available in the presale.

Some Quick Rules

  • Buy the parking ticket in the presale!
  • Always wear your wristband.
  • We love cats, dogs & other animals, though, we do not think our festival is no good place for them. Keep pets at home.
  • Please understand that the Lineup can change.
  • Due to safety reason you’ll be checked upon entry.
  • At first entry you’re allowed to bring a total of 6 liters of beer.
  • Because of legal reasons only people from the age of 18 are allowed at the festival.
  • Please don’t take drugs at our festival and if you do, take them responsible and stick to safer use rules.
  • Please don’t take any Guns/Knives/Fireworks or other potentially dangerous items with you.
  • We don’t refund your tickets.
  • Clean up after yourselfes.
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