Why Knowing Your Genres is Important


We’ve all been there. Somebody’s asked us what kind of music we dig, and we say something like ‘Oh I don’t know…Techno. House. A bit of Prog.’

But how many of us actually know our genres back to front? How many of us are able to look at an unfamiliar lineup and distinguish which acts we’re likely to bliss out to more than others?

Aside from being that guy and slinging out phrases like, “nah, that’s not dark psy…that’s fairy prog with a bit of ambient and breaks thrown in’ (by the way, this surely isn’t even is a thing)….

At least you’ll be able to know exactly which sounds your ear loves best, and which artists are most likely to float your boat. That way, you’ll get the most out of your gigging career, and not get stuck at the back of a 6-hour hard-style set year after year with no idea what’s going on, looking like a goose in moonboots.

Back in the day, I remember, there was a great interactive guide to electronic music – originally a university assignment submitted online by a guy called Ishkur. It was supposed to have been updated in 2017, but it still seems pretty vintage to me.

Regardless, it gives you a great overview of the history of electronic music prior to the mid-2000s. It can also help you figure out if you prefer Euro Rave to Detroit Acid or Minimal Dub to Gloomcore.

Give it a visit – it’s lots of fun! Oh, and word of warning: turn your headphones down if you decide to get stuck into the Gabber section…

Check it out here.

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After her first 'death pit' mosh at 14, Lauren became spellbound by the power of immersive music experiences. Except these days, she prefers deep doof conversations under a tree and the electronic grooves of a bangin' D-floor. But no matter the space, Lauren's always been drawn in by that sweet transcendent feeling of collective togetherness music can inspire. As a research writer, aspiring bedroom producer, transformative healing enthusiast and darling of her diverse doof crew, Lauren hopes to enrich the important conversations that blossom from one of the greatest party cultures in the world.


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