Feeling was what drove the TiMEFRAME venture. 

Its difficult not to lose yourself inside the adventure you’re going through with him while working his magic on the dance floor. Myth has it that the controversial track “Chemical Junglecan control the sentiments of the natural world itself. Disclaimer: Some may have actually noticed the sensational influences this track had in changing the world’s seasons and vibes, transforming rain, gail, strong winds and cynicism into worldwide infinite rays of daylight and delight.

Emotional strings, crushing saws, pushing bass lines, lovely arps, and fusing leads were just some of the creep-prompting instruments Benjamin had obtained inside his substantial stockpile of sound. Increasing extraordinary sentiments of being in unison with the audience, he can easily convey tears of joy to the eyes of those who listen and watch his own work of art. 

Benny TiMEFRAME Knight
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